Imagine working in an engaged team with a clear purpose…

…a purpose which not only serves the organisation but also a common good. Where financial results are not the only focus, and includes a truly valuable contribution to society which naturally results in a healthy income. Imagine working for a team with an inspiring long-term vision. A team in which your colleagues trust you and give you the freedom to take responsibility for your decisions and actions serving the team’s purpose and reaching the overall vision.


Is it possible... a team that appreciates differences?

Imagine a team where tension is embraced as an opportunity for improvement. Where divergent views and approaches are valued as necessary to learn and do things better. Where conflict is not avoided, but approached in a mature and respectful way using a simple and supportive process. Where deep listening and dialogue are skills commonly practiced to better understand each other and to get to the essence of the opportunity presented by challenges that arise.

Imagine a team in which there is a strong foundation of trust and openness

Where your whole self is invited to show up, enabling you to express your qualities and talents in the role that you have and the work that you do. An environment which expects you to take full responsibility for who you are, what you do, and for your own learning and growth. And an environment that recognises and values your contribution – while challenging you to be the very best version of yourself and contribute all that you can!



“A team is not a group of people who work together

A team is a group of people who trust each other

- Simon Sinek

This may sound like utopia. It isn’t!

I’ve worked in teams like this. And it does take commitment, courage and dedicated work on your part. It certainly does not happen spontaneously. It’s requires practice. Individually and together with your colleagues. It takes courage to trust, let go of fear or cynicism, speak up honestly, be vulnerable, and step out of your comfort zone. Personal and team transformation can be uncomfortable and sometimes downright painful. Yet if you can sustain the discomfort, your team can shift from potentially dying to flying.

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