Leadership coaching
which cuts right to the heart of the matter, resulting in rapid breakthroughs in perspectives, sustainable progress and transformed action


Inspire others and increase your impact by making choices and acting in line with your values and what really matters to you.


A strong personal awareness and connection with your own purpose, values and vision, allows for genuine connection with others. This in turn fuels growth and can lead to great results   

Discover, Develop, Transform

In today’s fast changing and volatile world, it is essential that you have a clear sense of purpose. Know what engages you and in which role you can best express who you are, your talents and your creativity. Know how you are able to combine the power of both your rational mind and your intuition in making important choices. Know that you can have a strong sense of inner trust and confidence.

Jo Boniszewski is an experienced transformational and leadership coach, guiding individuals, teams and organisations to be the leaders they want to be.

Starting from a base of trust and openness, she cuts quickly to the essence, enabling shifts in perspective and understanding which lead to transformed action and significant, sustainable growth.    


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