“Enabling individuals and organisations to live, lead and work to their fullest potential.

I am Jo Boniszewski. I cannot even begin to describe the feeling I have when someone walks out of a coaching session and punches the air in triumph. Or the feeling I have when someone I am working with cracks a huge smile at a moment of discovery or breakthrough.

To liberate and empower the people I work with is why I do what I do

To witness people and teams taking steps to becoming the best version of themselves and achieving great results inspires me. And the more I coach and lead, the more I experience its reciprocity. I also continually learn and take steps in my own development, achieving greater results, fuelled by the people I work with!



Openness, trust, respect, focus, intuition, challenge, creativity & fun. I have high standards and keep my eye on the ball. I work and play with what happens in the moment while seeing the big picture and noticing the details. I love what I do and am happiest when the people and organisations I work with surprise themselves with what they achieve. 


  • Transformational Presence coaching
  • Theory U
  • Reinventing Organizations
  • HeartMath
  • Voice Dialogue
  • Constellation work
  • Mindfulness
  • Meditation
  • Healthy dose of common sense!


  • Alan Seale
  • Simon Sinek
  • Joe Dispenza
  • Peter Senge
  • Otto Scharmer
  • Frederic Laloux
  • Brené Brown
  • All the individuals and teams that I coach and facilitate!


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