“Professionally, Jo is a very powerful coach, consultant and advisor, in addition to being a very pleasant person to have around. She manages to have strong impact: firstly, through her natural charisma, accessibility and openness. Secondly, she facilitates the board room process from a kind of “sideline” approach, but clearly stepping in when the flow of the process requires this. Thirdly, Jo clearly senses how well or not team dynamics are going, which forms the basis of her flexibility to adjust programs to best fit in the given situation. All this is supported by academic and practical experience with state of the art coaching and consulting concepts. Jo assisted the Management Team of DFE Pharma to move to the next level of sophistication in how the team works in a very diverse and multicultural environment.”

Bas van Driel
Chief Executive Officer, DFE Pharma


Are you planning a team event or session, or do you require a facilitator to be present at team meetings?

Then please contact me. I have experience preparing programmes for and facilitating groups and teams ranging from 5 - 50 people. I work with openness, trust, respect, focus, intuition, challenge, creativity and fun.

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