Have you noticed how much more fun and inspiring it can be, to be in the presence of someone who is fully themselves?

Someone who has the courage to show up with all of their strengths and imperfections even if it feels vulnerable. In the words of Frederic Laloux, management consultant and author of ‘Reinventing Organisations’, people like this show up in their ‘wholeness’.  This takes courage. Authentic people have the courage to make decisions, choices and act in line with their values and what really matters to them in life, which gives them personal power.


I am not weird. I’m perfectly flawed, crazily sane, wickedly good, and totally sure of just how uncertain I am”

- Jo Boniszewski

They have the courage to let go of who they think they should be, and replace it by being and expressing who they really are. Even when others may judge or reject them. Authentic people often communicate with both their heads and their hearts and by doing this, they engage and inspire others.

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