How to engage and work with any problem or challenge to unlock its potential 

"When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change" ~ Max Planck

May be this sounds like a contradiction but... the first step in any personal change and growth, is to accept yourself the way you are. To appreciate what it is that you don't like; those aspects of yourself and your behaviour that you would really like to change. 

Every morning early, I sit in meditation for at least 20 minutes. Most days, it's twice as long. And now and again, it's only 10. It's a part of my morning routine, as unmissable as my first cappuccino. And it sets me up for the day.

Meditating is as normal for me as making a cup of tea or checking my mail at the start of each day...

Meditation de-stresses me, focuses me, increases my clarity, creativity and ability to see new possibilities. It enables me to live and work in my role as a leadership & executive coach more effectively, efficiently and happily. And of course it's benefit in most, if not all, of these areas has been scientifically proven.

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